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Holy Panther Belt

Holy Panther Belt

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The holiest of all panther accessories! Be a true 80's glam goddess with a blinged out panther lounging on a golden branch at your waist.

This tree-inspired belt was designed specifically for a drapey panther to relax on. No detail was spared from the bark texture to the holes marked "head" and "tail" so you can easily detach and re-attach your panther from this brilliantly crafted piece. Not in the mood for a belt? Hang the brooch over your shoulder, where he can purrrrr in your ear.

A super rare piece of fashion history, and a must have for 80's panther collectors. Complete your dream panther family with coordinated earrings and bracelet!

Vintage gold tone metal, crystals, and elastic fabric. Marked Accessory Accent NYC. Measures 25-26” flat, with stretch to 43” maximum. Minor scratches to metal scales on belt where they rub together. Very good condition. Extremely rare.

Big cats in the Panthera genus, like leopards and jaguars, lounge in trees for rest - but the elevated location also lets them keep an eye across the land. Leopards often drag their kill high up into a tree (even large prey like a zebra!) to protect their delicious meal from theft by rivals who don't climb. 

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