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Customer Testimonials

I've been a customer for nearly a year, and have built a gorgeous, unique collection of brooches, belts and bags. Every piece has a history, and her eye for beautiful things is truly remarkable. I get so many compliments on my delicious F&F accessories - they are all show stoppers!!

Whitney (NY)

My F&F pieces are the most unique and loved jewelry that I own. And they’re also the ones most often admired by others. I love letting my flora and fauna side shine!

Sonal (NYC)

Love, love, love my belts!!!

And PS I had never been aware of the beautiful creature that is the pangolin! I am now a fan and advocate. Thank you for your mission!

Jenny (GA)

Thanks for curating such an awesome collection!! You make anniversary shopping easy! (And OMG the packaging!!)

Happy Husband (NJ)

I recently bought two items from Feather & Foxglove and I love them! And F&F packages the jewelry so you literally do not have to do a thing in order to give it as a gift.

Rochelle (NYC)

This horse bottle is soooooo cute! I love it!!! My daughter and I keep fighting over it. 

Elise (CT)

Feather & Foxglove

Inspired by flora & fauna. Curated for you. 

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