Environmental Love

Direct Support for Conservation

Your Feather & Foxglove purchases directly support conservation and animal welfare. We share a portion of sales with an organization working for the betterment of life on Earth through conservation biology, animal rescue/protection, and environmental/social justice. In 2021 we became a proud sponsor of Amplify the Future, whose mission is to boost equity in conservation. 

Reduced Waste

While some waste is inherent in e-commerce, we're aiming to get as low as possible. Keeping old treasures on the fierce streets of fashion rather than mountainous landfills surely helps. But packaging matters too.

Our jewelry boxes are made in America with recycled paper. We ship in cardboard boxes (no plastic envelopes), packed with recycled bubble wrap and/or renewable padding. The boxes, tissue, and tape from your shipments can go straight into the paper recycling bin when you've done all you can with them. Bubble wrap lasts forever, so if your package contains bubble please pay it forward by using it again.

For the Love of Flora & Fauna 

Sharing the love, here are a few of our favorite nature and gardening infosources:

All About Birds: Cornell Lab of Ornithology's brilliant site for species ID & info.

Arkive, a massive biology encyclopedia.

I-naturalist, crowd-sourced plant and animal ID & info. 

IUCN Red List, the ultimate database of global species conservation status info.

Missouri Botanical Garden's site for comprehensive plant info and gardening tips.