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80s fashion trend leopard
vintage panther bracelet
panther bracelet
Panther Bracelet - Coming Soon!

Panther Bracelet - Coming Soon!

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Here, Kitty Kitty. Just like an affectionate house pet, this articulated cat wraps around your wrist and purrs by your side. A fancy feast for the eyes, and what a conversation starter. It's midcentury royalty meets 80's glam rock. This 1980's costume piece was inspired by the famous draping tiger bracelet designed by Cartier in the 50's for the Dutchess of Windsor.  

Gold tone and silver tone coated metal with foil-backed glass stones and box clasp closure. Unmarked. Approximate measurements: body 1-1.5"" wide, 7.5” long; lower paw has 1.5" drop from body. Matching brooch available.

The Criss Cross design has a more angular head and an unusual cross pattern that adds a stylish detail to the panther's coat. 

With its luxurious silver coat and green eyes, this stunning feline resembles the Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia), one of five sexy cats in the genus Panthera. Panthera includes Lions (P. leo), Tiger (P. tigris), Jaguar (P. onca), Leopard (P. pardus). Tigers are the most rare; Snow Leopards are the most mysterious.

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