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Monstrous in the best way possible, our mega Lepidoptera attacks with blinding sparkle and color!    

This super fantastic brooch makes an amazing closure for a jacket or enhancement to a waistband - and better yet she is a wicked conversation starter about nature and monster movies. If you don’t know her by name, Mothra is Queen of Monsters and a fierce protector. She’s a giant divine moth who first appeared in her own feature film in 1961, then battled Godzilla in 1964 (and ‘92.)

Metal and crystals, set on double pins for strength. (This substantial brooch is not for delicate fabrics.) Unmarked. Identical in style -but not color- to a fabulous and wildly expensive piece by Italian designer Carlo Zini.

Moths and butterflies are closely related, both categorized in the group Lepidoptera. According to BBC Science Focus, “Butterflies are considered to have evolved from moths, originally existing as the diurnal – or daytime – equivalent of moths.” Both are important in the ecosystem as pollinators. 

Feather & Foxglove shares a portion of profits to support environmental conservation and animal welfare. And if you have outdoor space, we encourage you to grow a pollinator pot or garden to support moths & butterflies!