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vintage coyote pin western fashion trend
western fashion trend vintage jewelry

Howling Coyote Pin

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Glimmering lines and textures enhance the natural shape of this elegant coyote pin. Ideal for a belt or coat, she'll help you fashionably navigate the urban forest day and night.

Vintage goldtone metal on pin with safety catch. Unmarked. Approximate measurements: 3" paws to nose, 2" tail to toes. No wear to finish on front. Pin has been repaired at back (see third photo). 

Coyotes (Canis latrans) and other canines howl, yip and bark throughout the month, but we might hear them more when a full moon brightens the landscape for nocturnal coyote business. Howling keeps the pack together and vocally marks their turf. 

Feather & Foxglove donates a portion of profits to environmental conservation and animal welfare organizations.