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Eye of the Tiger Bag - Email for waitlist
Eye of the Tiger Bag - Email for waitlist

Eye of the Tiger Bag - Email for waitlist

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Could a bag BE more fabulous? A wild textured pattern, gold trim, and sparkling tigers.... Hello, fashion maven, your handbag has arrived! Two tigers with fire in their eyes and a golden eye-style lock guard your belongings. Dark and stormy but bright and glittery, this sexy beast of a bag makes any outfit party ready!

Features a zippered internal pocket and a chunky chain that tucks neatly inside. Clasp locks shut with a switch of the eye. Roomy interior.

Vintage faux leather, gold plated metal and crystals. Approximate measurements: 7" wide at base, 6" wide at opening, 6" tall, 3.5" deep at base. Chain drop of 7.5" inches. 

Tigers who live in colder wintry climates sport longer thicker coats for warmth. But the longest fur on a tiger is the scruff that adorably frames their face (more dramatically so in males).

Feather & Foxglove donates a portion of profits to environmental conservation and animal welfare organizations.