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Embroidered Badger Box

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A pair of wiley badgers are on the hunt! This distinctive box with a soft embroidered nature scene offers desktop storage that doubles as artwork. Two compartments keep you organized. A fabulous gift for any age or gender (or yourself)!

Midcentury silk embroidery on wooden box. English design, crafted in Poland. Marked Cash's of Coventry. Approximate measurements: 8.75" wide, 5.5" deep, 2" tall. Threads are delicate; keep away from sharp objects. Items shown with box for display only. 

The European Badger, Meles meles, is an omnivore that feasts on nuts, fruits, and veggies and hunts invertebrates (they love earthworms!) and small vertebrates like birds and rodents. 

Feather & Foxglove donates a portion of profits to environmental conservation and animal welfare organizations.