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Elephant Brooch

Elephant Brooch

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From her twinkling green eyes to the crystalline tip of her trunk, this glamorous elephant has enough bling to light up the entire Congo Basin. Articulated ears and trunk add quirky expression to this totally rad piece. 

Vintage gold tone and silver tone metal with crystals, on pin with safety clasp. Unmarked. Approximate measurements: 2.5" from ears to trunk, 1.25" ear to ear. No visible wear or damage.

Here's the ellie breakdown: African Elephants (Loxodonta africana & Oxodonta cyclotishave larger ears that sit higher on their head, and both males & females grow tusks. Asian ellies (Elephas maximus) have smaller low-set ears and only males have tusks. All elephants are highly endangered due the ivory trade, but governments around the world are working together in hope of saving this majestic animal.

Feather & Foxglove donates a portion of profits to environmental conservation and animal welfare organizations.