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Vintage Ciner style panther bangle
vintage bracelet
vintage panther bracelet
vintage rhinestone panther
Ciner style bracelet
Ciner style panther bangle
Ciner style panther bracelet
Double Black Panther Bangle
Double Black Panther Bangle

Double Black Panther Bangle

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Double the cats, twice the glam! Striking jade green and champagne highlights positively glow against the deep jet black finish of this sexy panther bangle. Mirror-back cabochons make their eyes glow from every angle. You'll be staring at your wrist all day and night!

Vintage metal and faux gemstones on a band finished with with cold enamel (resin). Variations on this style of panther bangle were made by many companies, including Ciner and Park Lane, but we do not know for sure who made this fabulous unmarked specimen. Heads are 1" wide. Fits up to a 6.5" wrist. Magnetic closure. Excellent condition. 

Did you know that a black panther is not a feline species, but rather a coat variation found among spotted cats in the Panthera genus? A black panther refers to a black-furred leopard, Panthera pardus, or jaguar, Panthera onca

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